Sunday, April 18, 2010

Part Three: Section V

I was in Room 101. Maybe I would finally find out, once and for all, what exactly was in this room that O'Brien said everyone knew about. I was tightly strapped upright in a chair. I wasn't able to move anything.

O'Brien walked in with an oblong wire cage with rats in it. I was truly terrified and didn't know what kind of torture he had in store for me. I told him that it was unnecessary, but he didn't listen. I tried to escape from the chair, but it was hopeless. O'Brien had already brought the cage closer. At that point, I was almost unconscious. Everything was black.

There had to be someone who I could transfer my punishment to. Then it came to me. Julia. I told O'Brien that I didn't care if she was hurt. He was satisfied and before I knew it, the cage door had clicked shut and I was safe.

- Winston Smith

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